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Swing And Skip



Swing & Skip Records is a record label based out of Montreal, Canada releasing innovative bass music on vinyl and digital formats. Taking cues from the sounds of UK Garage, dubstep, house and ambient music, S&S seeks to release forward thinking music equally enjoyable in a club or a home setting.

Swing & Skip Records was started by Montreal based DJ and producer HGLDT over the summer of 2010.

wing & Skip Record's debut single strives to dispel this notion, capturing the sublime of urban life while confidently moving the conversation forward . Produced by Montreal resident Hissy Fit, "Berry" immediately distinguishes itself through its reverberating percussion and rumbling sub-frequencies. Blessed with plenty of open space, the dubwise intro and steady groove firmly anchor the track in the shadows, bypassing any champagne-glitz nostalgia. And when the track's neon synth motif and disembodied vocals do come in, they color the landscape judiciously, providing brilliant flashes that work in contrast to the heavy undertow. Befitting a track named after a bustling University area and transportation hub, Berry favors both sophistication and motion resulting in music that's soothing without sacrificing physicality.

UK producer Submerse flips things with his remix, playing up the track's airiness and ethereality before locking into a high energy house flex. Paradoxically, the track feels somehow more serene in its high-end focus yet far more frantic in the way it chops up those elements and subsumes them to a pulsing groove. Reconfigured for sunrise sets, this is Berry unleashed, free to power forward and blast its once carefully managed elements into maximal arrangements without altering the song's core DNA. Functioning as a muscular update rather than a total reinterpretation, the result is a mix that emphasizes the track's latent forlorn euphoria.