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susumu records



Susumu Records represents the independent german imprint established in 2011 and based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Fresh on the german imprint is the release of the album called Exit City on Germany from Simona Gregoriu. Her sound is a blend of bass-heavy, kickdrum-driven techno that is infused with — as Simina puts it when compared with the often atonal industrial German sound — "girly" elements including melodic guitars and other instruments, drawn upon as a result of her love for rock music . While living in Berlin has undoubtedly influenced Simina’s sound, she believes her own travels to various parts of the world have played an equal part in shaping the music she makes.

Susumu Records's artists roster includes acts such as: Simina Gregoriu, Paul Kalkbrenner, Peter Eilmes, Lexy, Sascha Braemer, and new others to come.

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Simina Grigoriu Kokopelli (Paul Kalkbrenner & Pan-Pot)

Simina Grigoriu

Kokopelli (Paul Kalkbrenner & Pan-Pot)

VÖ-Datum: 11.03.2013
Label: susumu records
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