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Surface Records



Surface Records represents the UK based experimental techno label founded by Richard Polson who was one half of 65D Mavericks in the late 1990s. Later run in collaboration with recording partner Nick Dunton.

65 D Mavericks is the dark and experimental British techno act releasing music and performing live from 2000 onwards. Originally a duo comprising of Richard Polson and Nick Dunton, Polson sadly passed away suddenly in April 2006. Eventually, Dunton continued to produce and perform under this name amongst others.

The techno label is releasing such luminaries as Alexander Kowalski, Claude Young, Surgeon, Regis, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho/Raudive/ Function.

Sublabels: Inceptive, Surface LTD.

*** To see all releases from this label, please search for the label simply called ‘’Surface’’.