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Subculture Recordings represents the Italian dnb label, founded by producer Maztek launched in 2008.

Subculture Music is an Italy based drum&bass – dubstep – electro label The European drum and bass scene continues to go from strength to strength, bringing a number of new labels and artists to the fore and helping to shape the future of the genre. None more so than the mighty Maztek, co-founder of pioneering Italian label, Subculture.

Known for his hard hitting, dark tech style, and relentless work ethic, this is one producer bound for big things. Maztek set up Subculture with fellow pioneers Kalu and MC Shot, intent on promoting new talent, and pushing the European scene forward on the international circuit. With over 25 releases since 2006 it’s clear these guys mean business.

Subculture Recordings was born in 2006 but it all started a year earlier when we launched a drum & bass collective called Subculture dnb, which was about joining up various crews from different parts of Italy. After a while we realised we had the same trouble getting signed on international labels so we decided to produce our own music on our label.

Sublabel: Subculture Recordings Digital.