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standbite music



Standbite Music is a spanish company dedicated to electronic music, and more specifically to Techno, created by Darkrow (Galicia) & Fatima Hajji (Madrid).

If anything characterizes Fatima Hajji it is that she has always been true to herself, looking for her own personal sound in the most powerful Hard Techno, stretching Bpms and using mixes of continuous Arabic bloodline references, capturing a great variety of African, salsa and groove rhythms for non stop dancing, enjoying and smiling.

She’s been going around with her suitcases all over Spain since 1998 and for the last few years she`s set herself up to one of the Iberian Techno representations all over Europe, not only for her dj sets but also for her own music productions.

A devastating, clean, fun and dancing Hard Techno and a very high connection with her public, are her two most important keys to understand what’s going on for the last few years, where Hajji’s sound means party sound.

A festive atmosphere, which can also be found in her Amitta’s sets, where she makes her own Techno performances, always true to her unique and genuine style. It’s Soft Techno but with her characteristic quality and power technique and her music selection touch.

Standbite is a new Techno label, a platform from which you will be able to follow the work of its main artists: Fatima Hajji and Darkrow. The imprint also count on the support and selfless work of very important dj's and producers with international recognition such as Cristian Varela (Madrid), Bando (Madrid), Mark Williams (U.K.), Wehbba (Brazil), Axel Karakasis (Greece), Reaky (Slovenia), Umberto Carmignani (Italy), Aitor Ronda o Raúl Mezcolanza (both from Barcelona), Peppelino (Hungary) and many other people that they will work with in the near future.
Standbite will publish its albums always in vinyl, although you will be able to find them in digital format as well, so that you can listen to all of Standbite's music in stores like Juno, Nuloop, Musichead, Djsho, Beatport, Trackitdown, Itunes Store and many more. Many of their albums will also have a digital format with some bonus tracks and unpublished or experimental remixes.

But Stadbite doesn't want to work only with recognized artists; there will be room for promising newcomers and future brilliant performers that haven't had yet de chance to show their talent!!!!

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.