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Sportclub represents the Hannover based music label launched in 2005 and owned by Asem Shama and Axel Bartsch.

There are not many electronic activists who has been on the scene for 15 years and still set trends. Asem Shama and Axel Bartsch are two of them.

Since the beginning of the 90’s Asem Shama can be considered as one of the pioneers of electronic music in Germany. Having his roots in Hip Hop, being a renowned rapper. In the 80’s, he made his first experimental steps into producing electronic beats at his friend’s studio. There he found his new musical home and a place where he could develop his creativity in unlimited spheres. Next to his approaches as a techno producer he was the inventor of the legendary Ravesyndrome events.

After spending much of the '80s as a DJ and promoter of funk and hip-hop, Axel Bartsch began to organize techno parties around Germany in the early '90s. His first proper productions appeared in early 1994 on his own Syndrome Audio imprint under the guise Digital Age, and a duo of Bartsch and his longtime collaborator Asem Shama released records on such other imprints as Bush, Planet of Drums, and Head in the Clouds before Frisbee Tracks signed the duo under the alias Vanguard. It was also during this time that Bartsch began to make a name for himself DJing in clubs under the guise DJ Aki, playing throughout Europe and releasing a series of dancefloor classics under the title of Drumfiles on the Spielzeug label.

After setting up his first record label with production partner Asem Shama, they formed the techno duo Vanguard. Their releases for venerated labels like Frisbee Tracks, Bush Records and Planet Of Drums were monuments in European techno. Having already experienced huge success with Vanguard, reaching the top of the German and UK single charts (thanks to a wildly successful bootleg on Virgin Records) innumerable live peformances from Wire Festival Japan to Mayday in Germany, Sao Paolo Fashion Week to VIVA Music Television, Axel completed his law studies in 2004 and was finally free to focus all of his efforts on music, and especially his increasingly sophisticated solo works.

The duo also established their own label, Sportclub, in late 2005, which presents a decidedly more minimal approach to his productions than previously released.

Since its inception, Sportclub has developed an impressive back catalogue containing releases from artists like: Mike Spirit, Axel Bartsch, Franco Zeiger, Brian Cares, Asem Shama, Alex Niggemann, Chardronnet, amongst many others.

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Asem Shama


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