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Soulab represents the French imprint known for it’s jazz sounds. Soulab is a recording label dedicated to modern soul music... with soul. Soulab brings a musical breath of fresh air onto the soul nation with a full sound spectrum of good grooves: Soul, House, Jazz, Nu Soul, Broken Beat, Doo Wop, Afro Beat, Latin, Funk… Old school, New school ? Gold school ! Call it Nu Soul, Soulful House, Hi-tech Soul or whatever might sound good to you.

We're always looking back to the lights of Soul Music golden age but we live here & now, and technology allows for new horizons in creation. And living souls do enjoy new horizons... But we know that where there's no roots, there's no branchs. We make music for people with souls, not for clones. Technology is nothing without love & wisdom. The most powerful force on Earth still is the human soul.

In our Soulab, we seek new magical formulas to translate the power of soul into music. Close your eyes and imagine a jam with Marvin Gaye, Carl Craig, Grand Master Flash & Pharoah Sanders... We use the best of the both worlds, soul & technology, acoustics & electronics, kicks & harmonies, analogic & digital, mix & remix, science & love,tradition & innovation... It's a retrofuturistic thing!

In March of this year, 2013, Soulab Records blessed us with the first volume of the phenomenal "Funky Party" compilation, now the second installment in the series is here, and what a musical delight it is... From beginning to the end, this is a refreshing and truly ingenious melting potof timeless soul/boogie infused funky grooves, keeping the focus on the leaders of the new school: Uptown Funk Empire, Cool Million, Los Charly's Orchestra, Fatback 4Way, Confection, Uraz Kurt, Moonshoes and Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel, not to forget to mention the illustrious list of vocalists: Melisa Morgan, Diane Marsh, Rotimo Soul, Cagri Ultay, Don Dolla, The Neutronics. Put your dancing shoes on, take the stereo out to the street, turn the volume up and get the block party going!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.