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Sonora Records represents the US electronic music label based in Los Angeles.

Sonora is based in Los Angeles was created since 2007 is dedicated to Deep Jazz Nu/Disco music.This record label have reached a global audience and earned there place in the complex "sonoric" world of digital tech heads.

Sonora is an open minded record label with a large range of musical styles and taste.The most important ingredients of this label are "latin sound", sensuality and experimentation and we are looking for open-minded artists who share our passion and love of music and our desire to push digital music.

Sonora Records serves as the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Adil Hiani, Boris Griggs, Daria, Death On The Balcony, Eduardo Castillo, Lorenzo Bartoletti, London FM, Los Updates, Wareika, Simone Venanzi, Rio Padice, Francesco Bonora, amongst several others.

*** To see all releases from this imprint, please visit the label called ‘’Sonora Records’’.