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Sonar Kollektiv is a German record label founded in 1997 by the DJ and producer team Jazzanova. The intention was to create an independent record label and publisher connected to a worldwide independent distribution network. With more than 200 catalogue releases over the years, among them artists like Âme, Dixon, Forss, Clara Hill, Fat Freddys Drop, Benny Sings, Dimlite, Slope, Eva Be, of course Jazzanova themselves and many more, plus the three very successful compilation series Secret Love, ….Mixing and ...Broad Casting, "Sonar Kollektiv" can claim to be one of the strongest and best-known German labels of our time.
Label heads Jazzanova are widely known as figure heads of a genre that used to be labelled NuJazz, but it can hardly be described by the limitations of words like “New” and “Jazz” today. Through their outstanding work as DJs, artists and producers they have become forerunners in the further development of this and many other genres. Helping to stretch its borders while gradually incorporating various influences ranging from dub to Brazil, jazz to house; African music to downbeat and even techno to minimal electronic music, their openness to all kinds of sounds and genres has helped them to be a part in some of the most important musical developments of the last decade, influencing a broad range of well known international and national artists and creating a truly contemporary sound.
While establishing the Jazzanova universe through their numerous releases and their remix work for many well known artists such as Masters At Work, Calexico, Common, Lenny Kravitz, 4Hero, Incognito, Ursula Rucker, Trüby Trio, Ian Pooley, MJ Cole, U.F.O. etc. Jazzanova have formed with their label "Sonar Kollektiv" a platform to help to further define their musical universe, illustrating the wide range of music they are dedicated to. Not styles and genres, but rather the relationship of those to each other is the driving force behind them and the label. With this in mind, it’s logical that Jazzanova named their first album In Between back in 2002, since their focus is indeed the space “in between” and not the known or static. This space – the space between the genres, between acoustic and electronic, new and old, club and home – the hybrid – this is Jazzanova and this is "Sonar Kollektiv" !

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Liz Aku Ankhor (2LP+MP3)

Liz Aku

Ankhor (2LP+MP3)

VÖ-Datum: 05.05.2017
Label: sonar kollektiv
  • 2 x LP Germany
    2 x LP Germany
  • Soul
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47 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 15.    Seiten: 1 2 3 4