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so sound



So Sound Recordings is the Quality Independent House Music label from Buenos Aires native, Fabian Giannattasio AKA Jazzy Eyewear.

The label has put out top notch & varied releases since 2002, crossing several sub-genres and serving up quality house music whatever your preferred flavor.

Some of the artists included on its impressive roster are: Les Loups, Toomy Disco, Christian Malloni, Manuel Tur, Zoo Brazil, Jay West, Loko, Toka Project, Santiago & Bushido, Toomy Disco, Inland Knights, Jazzy Eyewear, Pete Moss, Marcos Rodriguez, Mr. Morning, Tovar, Dominic Martin and the list goes on.

Best sellers:
Toomy Disco - Age of the Jaguar
Christian Malloni - Agua Ardiente
Toomy Disco - Bedroom Tricks
Tovar - Say Something
Funkyloco - Slow & Sexy
Jazzy Eyewear - No Limit to Love - Miami
Jazzy Eyewear - Fantasy Island

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