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Snuff Trax represents the Berlin based music label run by the anonymous Snuff Crew.

Snuff Crew is a mysterious two-person collective from Germany which was founded in 2008. Their sound is mainly influenced by Chicago House, Acid and Italo Disco. Since the first 12″ release on Marco Passarani´s label Nature Records, they have released lots of records and mp3s on labels like International Deejay Gigolo Records, Hour House Is Your Rush, Playhouse and of course Snuff Trax. They also did remixes for artists like Remute, Hard Ton, Robert Owens, Jack Codec, Stefano e Bene, The Glitz, Kids On TV, Franz + Shape…

In 2010 Snuff Crew started their own label Snuff Trax, which will release lots of fine Old School House Music in the future because they love that sound so very very much.
They do not only produce their own tracks but also perform as a Live Act at the finest clubs anywhere. Some namedropping: Womb / Tokyo, Berghain/Berlin, Tresor/Berlin, Subway/Cologne, Jesus Club / St. Petersburg, Soljanka / Moscow, Cassero / Bologna, CAMP/London, Sonar Festival/Barcelona, Danube Rave/Linz, Fusion/Münster, Nature One Festival/Kastellaun. Yeah.

Nobody knows who they actually are and nobody has ever seen their faces. Will their ever reveal their identities…?

Snuff Trax contains in its back catalogue collaborations with artists such as: Anaxander, 7 Citizens, Dance Disorder, Demetrio Giannice, Andreas Gehm, Baby G, Romina Cohn, The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club, Moralez, Raiders Of The Lost ARP, Snuff Crew, Perseus Traxx, amongst many others.

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Dimdj New Cave EP


New Cave EP

VÖ-Datum: 14.11.2016
Label: snuff trax
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9 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 9.