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smoke joke records



Smoke Joke Records is a MUSIC label created in 2008 by Ivan Iacobucci and based in Berlin. We appreciate the producers and DJs who are finding new ways and new ideas to the evolution of music clubs. Particularly at this time, we try to do this, especially for the love of music!

Ivan Iacobucci’s influences have origins in the hot notes of funk & Jazz, in the roots of afro-cuban music, in the Detroit techno, deephouse and in the new European waves of sound like the ones coming from Romania. The great Herbie Hancock is one of the biggest influences in Ivan's musical evolution,

Since 2008, Ivan manages his label Smoke Joke Records. Ivan has always been one of the most appreciated DJs in Italy and abroad, he is an acclaimed producer, very much appreciated for his immersive sets.

Smoke Joke Records is home to several artists such as: Alexander Fog, A.Rizzo, Vito Fattore, Ricky Gaddi, Ricky KK, Salva Stigler, System Of Survival, Max Rosardo, Jon, Ivan Iacobucci, Ciro Leone, Brother’s Vibe, Andrea Ferlin, Luis Martinez, amongst some others.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.