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slidebar recordings



In more enlightened electronic/techno/house/dubstep/wonky/glitch music circles, there have some downright essential record labels over the years that have bordered on the legendary, and whose wax continues to sizzle on the turntables despite the passage of time: Sativae, Mosquito, Subhead, Noodles, Predicaments, Tresor, Drought, Nest, Ferox, Station 55, Tigerbeat6 and Kitty Corner.

The truth is that some of their records have never ever parted company with the crates of DJs really worth their salt.

Even better, this list just got one better?you can now add in German label Slidebar to the elite group of labels.

Set up at the beginning of 2009 by Kitty Corner head honcho Axel Sohns, this particular fledgling imprint has already made tremendous inroads.

?I wanted it to be a platform for different styles of experimental dance music, with the idea of various artists collaborations/experiments,? asserts Sohns.
?Slidebar is open-minded towards all electronic music genres?mainly focused on Brighton techno.?
The depth and breadth of Slidebar contributors already involved perhaps give a better indication of what to expect, or the degree with which to be as artistically invigorated as dance floor challenged.

Think Luke?s Anger, Jesse Hall (JE:5), Michele Fasano (aka DJ Hi-Speed), Marcin Markowski, Paul Birken, Mark Hawkins, Dave Tarrida, Andrez Bergen (Funk Gadget/Little Nobody), Si Begg, Patrick Pulsinger, Oliver Rosemann, Monopascal, Jens Porath, Cynthia Stern, Mascon, Gideon Lenz (Chip Tronic), Doshy, Lief Ryan, Pierre Voillat (Smees/Ducksfunk), Christian Feltrin (Nino Flight/Ducksfunk), Lewis Griffin (Spewis), The Squire of Gothos, and Richard Dytch & Matt Southall (Pleated Lemon)?alongside label chief Sohns.

Next up will be sizzling new material from Cristian Vogel and Bill Youngman, along with other innovative artists from across the globe?all plundering the groove in completely new ways.

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Anklepants Just One For The Guys E.p.


Just One For The Guys E.p.

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Label: slidebar recordings
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