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sleep ist commercial limited



sleep is commercial Limited is a german music label, and a sublabel of Sleep Is Commercial. The label was established in 2010, and is run by Giuseppe Marchegiano. Sleep Is Commercial is an indedenpent german music label powered by Andrea Ferlin and Francesco Assenza. Started as a music label in 2009, the Sleep is Commercial project has grown beyond any single idea and stands before you today as an experimental, established and experienced factory for artists.

In early 2007 Giuseppe Marchegiano began to produce under the pseudonym of Hubble, shortly after the release of his first vinyl on Moulton label, he began to gather support from the underground and Techno scene in Berlin and on international level. In 2009 he began his collaboration with Sleep Is Commercial, he is now one of the crew organizing really intense Techno parties in Berlin and grooving people into underground locations around Europe being his music a landmark for the psychedelic groovy sound of the label.

The limited vinyl series, began with “Kirks and Ghosts” and “La Estrella” out on Summer 2010, followed by “Focus” and “Tribute02” out on April 2011. Last release on Jan 2012 is the first EEBB (a New Project with his friend Pheek) 's work called THC. Out in 12" vinyl ltd.

Sleep Is Commercial limited is born from the shamanic vision of the dancefloor as a neo-contemporary oracle for self-reflection. Abstracted from the generic vision of the dance floor as a shared communal party space, it takes shape as an intimate dialogue held in our deepest hidden internal places, the dialogue between us and the music.

Sleep Is Commercial Limited is the home for several artists, such as Hubble, Traian Chereches, Fedon, Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft, and many other new artists to come.