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Sleazy Beats Black Ops



Sleazy Beats Recordings and its sublabel, Sleazy Beats Black Ops represents the dutch independent music labels based in Amsterdam (NL), and in Copenhagen (DK), and both are run by music fanatic/disco dads/DJ ensemble Kris Pery (CPH), and Monsieur Moonod (AMS) who founded the two labels back in 2009. Label bosses and blog scribes Kris Percy (Copenhagen/DK) & Monsieur Monod (Amsterdam/NL) play together as Sleazy Beats Sound System. Over the past years they been invited to play at some amazing parties all over the place, including London (Horse & Groom), Belfast (Hudson), Berlin (KaterHolzig), Rotterdam (Burgertrut), Amsterdam (Blijburg), Copenhagen (Operaen), Bergen (Kosmo), Poznan (Poland), Vilnius (Opium Club/Studio 9), and as well gigs in Canada and the US. From warm-up grooves to peaktime disco and house fodder, as long as there's a pair of 1200s we're golden.

"After calling time on their beloved Sleazy Beats series, the talented crew over at the Sleazybeats warmly welcome you to a brand new series - Black Ops. "If Sleazy Beats Recordings didn’t invent a sub-genre of house music, it unquestionably defined one.

Specializing in the lower echelons of the bpm range, the fledging label offered up records from little-known producers the likes of Eddie C, Tornado Wallace, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Daniel Solar and a whole host of others – each and every one of whom who would go on to become headline attractions in their own right. Over the course of 3 short years and 10 stellar releases, SBR sold every record they manufactured and became essential early-evening dancefloor fodder for deep house and disco connoisseurs the world over.

With a slight but definite shift in feel and tempo, SBR is superceded by a new series of records - Sleazy Beats Black Ops – and this breathtaking inaugural release by Rotterdam native Ben La Desh.

Fans of previous SBR records will instantly enjoy Motion on the A side – a soft, seductive and hypnotic mid-tempo loop, teased throughout by a sexy female vocal sample that soul fans might recognize, all the while building towards a sumptuous break that proves a proper highlight moment of the record.

Sleazy Beats Black Ops is the home for several artists such as: Ben La Desh, Frank Booker, Max Graef & Andy Hart.

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Label: sleazy beats black ops
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