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Shoot Recordings



Shoot Recordings represents the independent music label based in San Diego, USA. In September 2011 an exciting new label has burst onto the scene. Headed by Calculon, Shoot Recordings is aiming to showcase the "new bassmusic sound being born out of juke, jungle and hardcore.". With such an honourable mission statement, when they offered to put together a mix showcasing what they were all about it felt only right to jump at the opportunity and get them aboard.

Born and raised in California, but having lived in Europe and been heavily into drum n bass for well over a decade, Calculon is a DJ that always knows what music to play for the dancefloor. As label owner of Rubik Records and Shoot Recordings but also an internationally recognized producer, you can be certain that his finger is on the pulse of drum n bass in 2011, having djed everywhere from Hawaii to Amsterdam. With releases on labels such as Rubik, Fokuz, Human Elements, Beard, Big Riddim, Think Deep, and forthcoming tunes coming out on Smog and Influenza LTD, his productions are something to pay attention to.

The first release on Shoot Recordings is on vinyl and features the sounds of Chrissy Murderbot and Pawn, the two tracks will also be released digitally on 30th September. Nothing else remains but to thank the Shoot Recordings team for putting together this package. The first release from Shoot Recordings is an absolute scorcher, and showcases the new label's dedication to forward-thinking sounds and dance floor annihilation.

Artistically the label is a home for the group’s music,who includes Sinistar and Pawn, but Calculon is the one who is running things in the background as far as the label and they all plan to work together on music for the label in the future. More recently, Calculon has met with Daniel and Bruce in Florida who share a similar musical vision although they don’t produce music, and they have joined the Shoot Recordings team to help get the music out there.
Free from expectations and committed to innovation, Shoot Recordings is a place for producers to push the limits of bassmusic, upend the patterns of established sounds and create something new!

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Chrissy Murderbot / Pawn The Original / Your Words - Transparant

Chrissy Murderbot / Pawn

The Original / Your Words - Transparant

VÖ-Datum: 25.09.2013
Label: shoot recordings
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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.