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Shifted Flow



Shifted Flow represents the Berlin based music label launched fresh in 2012, founded and run by Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod.

Matthew and Kate’s live show developed organically as a result of the pair’s relationship to music as well as each other. Although Kate is relatively new to the scene, gaining interest in electronic music more recently – Matthew has been experimenting with production and playing out for over 10 years now. While in the early days it was Matthew tinkering away on the equipment – more focused on the technical side of things – Kate increasingly gained interest in the process. As she began to put forward her ideas on the melody and overall feel and flow of the music, an obvious production team was formed.

Since starting their collaboration, they have collected various hardware synths, instruments and effects which allows their sound to continue to be diverse and evolve over time. The pair currently produce nearly all music together, rather than Matthew separately. Their work flow involves lots of improvisation, with Kate playing melodies and stabs on the synths and Matthew in control of the groove but their roles are often reversed.

As well as their current label relationships, Matthew and Kate launched their own imprint – SHIFTED FLOW. The label is conceived as an outlet for their more experimental and heart-felt productions, to be presented on limited vinyl and often involving collaborations with long-term friends Nick Lawson, BLM or other artists that may cross their path in the future. Also look out for their debut album which will feature various styles of ambient, electronic and downtempo bass music which they will release on Shifted Flow in July 2013.

The label’s debut album came from the owners themselves with Shifted Flow 001. Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod's specialty is the sublime. The duo's tracks create a wonderful sense of space, a deeper-than-deep type of deep house that seems to exist outside of genre. This otherworldliness is often helped along by a disregard for straight 4/4 rhythms, something that's once again on show throughout Steel Width. Indeed, the A-side has a beatless tune and two that seem to pull you into their orbit, rather than propelling you along a straight track. (It's the same trick that helped make their Visionquest A-side, "Warehouse Fool," so bewitching.)

Similarly, the word that seems to best describe "Starfish Enterprize" is "floating," even if it does gain a considerable amount of steam by the time its through. The only thing here that truly bumps is the aptly titled "Hardtmuth." But even that one opens up to eventually reveal a bubble of hot melody.

With plenty more tracks in the pipeline, and an ever-changing live set reflecting various threads of electronica seamlessly blended into a dancefloor trip to remember – stay tuned for more unusual sounds from this original duo.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.