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sei es drum



Sei Es Drum represents the Tech House/Minimal label from Ricardo Villalobos established in 2007.

Ricardo Villalobos is a Chilean electronic music producer and DJ. He is well-known for his work in the minimal techno and microhouse genres. While active as a DJ and musician through the mid and late 1990s, Villalobos is best associated with his contributions to the development of microhouse and minimal techno in the early 2000s. Possibly the single most iconic producer of today. Ricardo is appreciated from his brilliant debut album to his outstanding Fabric mix. He's got that rare talent to make storming dance tracks out of nothing more than a couple of percussive beats. As a DJ, he's one of the masters of his craft. If there's anyone that defined 2000s underground electronic dance, it was Ricardo Villalobos.

Today there isn’t a continent where Ricardo hasn’t played; his choice of music is trend-setting for other Djs and fans alike, and even though his tracks are never commercial, they are immensely successful and he’s well known even beyond the borders of the underground music scene. A good deal of his productions already attain cult status when the first whitelabels surface. Ricardo’s inexhaustible creativity and innovation and his unfailing feel for the crowd make him an outstanding artist in the contemporary world of electronic music.

The the first record on the Villalobos' own label called "Sei Es Drum" came from the owner himself. The first shot is a 3xlp and you will find 3 tracks from the fabric mix cd on this one, the rest will be unreleased. Each Recording stands uniquely on it´s own but also works yet again in a subtle context with all other tracks. An Artistic statement as well as pure Dancefloor Mayhem! One of the strongest Packages that we received in a long time. Or in other Words: "Authentic work of an artist, if not an authentic work of art".

Sei Es Drum's artists roster includes acts such as: Ricardo Villalobos, Butch, Los Updates, SIS, Reboot, Mari Kvien Brunvoll and new others to come.