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Scion Audio / Visual represents the independent music label based in US and launched in 2004.

Scion AV is a creative enterprise of the Scion automotive brand devoted to the discovery, nurture, funding, and distribution of compelling music and arts programming. Scion AV has created and championed projects for over 100 underground musical artists, supported tours and special events, created film documentaries, curated art installations, and produces a collection of zines. Additionally, Scion AV executes the annual Scion Music(less) Music Conference and operates 7 broadband radio stations via Scion Streaming Radio.

Scion, from Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., was developed with a new generation of youthful buyers in mind. Scion’s mission is to provide distinctive products, the opportunity to personalize, and an innovative, consumer-driven process at the retail level. The brand features five groundbreaking models with a wide array of standard features: the xD urban subcompact five-door, the iconic xB urban utility vehicle, the tC sports coupe, the premium micro-subcompact iQ and the FR-S rear-wheel drive sports car. The Scion brand often applies new practices in all aspects of its business and pushes the creativity envelope with non-traditional advertising and marketing to engage young consumers.

Scion Audio / Visual has developed in the last decade an impressive back catalogue which contains over 200 releases coming up from a variety of artists, just to name a few: Omar S, DJ Cutler, Flosstradamus, La Riots, DJ-Monk-One, Mr Scuff, The Toxic Avenger, Backyard Bangers, DJ Haul, Arsis, Pelican, Rob Swift, Telephoned, Blu Jemz, Melvins, amongst many many others.