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Schooled In The Classics represents the new music label launched in 2013 and run by Greg Wilson.

The legend that is Greg Wilson needs absolutely no introduction as far as we are concerned and it's great to see the revered DJ and reel-to-reel master finally focus on some original productions via his own newly established label.

Schooled In The Classics represents a series of groove based dance tunes put together to play out at his gigs, the initial tracks being first road tested in Chicago and New York last year to a great response. Greg now plans to issue 8 Schooled In The Classics tracks this year, both digitally and via 4 limited edition 180g vinyl releases.

Drawing inspiration from his past to record new material, Greg’s intention is not to attempt to re-create what went before, but to try to channel the more freeflowing spirit of those times. The project name, Schooled In The Classics, is a tip of the hat to the New York luminaries of the early 80’s like Tee Scott, Shep Pettibone, Larry Levan, François Kevorkian and John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, whose experimental, dub influenced approach to dance music gifted us with so many superbly innovative club mixes, inspiring everything that followed, as dance culture emerged from the underground to explode into the mainstream glare during the late 80’s Acid House / Rave era.

We couldn't think of a better label name than Schooled In The Classics, as this debut release demonstrates Wilson has built up all manner of production knowledge from all those decades of putting out edits. Lead track "12 turned 13" is a superb mid tempo disco bumper split evenly into three movements that encourage feet movement without any hesitation. Complementing this, "Blue Angel" is a tougher, dubby disco house number driven by the most insistent of kick drums which opens up into a wondrous, sparkling disco mid section.

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Greg Wilson presents World Needs Love / Summer Came My Way

Greg Wilson presents

World Needs Love / Summer Came My Way

VÖ-Datum: 27.06.2014
Label: schooled in the classics
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