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schönbrunner perlen



Schönbrunner Perlen Records represents the Vienna, Austria based independent music label launched in 2012.

It began in 2006 under the sounding slogan "Schönbrunn Techno". What only appeared to be initially an open platform for music from the fifth district of Vienna Margaret has developed over a few years to a sworn collective of 21 artists living in Vienna from different sources. The idea to cast the creative and professional potential associated in label form, appeared sometime obvious. SCHÖNBRUNNER PEARLS but does not rely on a motley, simulating international repertoire, but on homegrown quality: trademark Vienna.

The label policy of SCHÖNBRUNNER PEARLS is as simple as strict: It's about the publication of top-class audio-visual productions - singles and albums digitally and physically. Each release is accompanied by a video. The artworks created in collaboration with artists from the SCHÖNBRUNNER environment, which guarantees a special recognition of the Scene-coloring.

Stylistically, there are no restrictions; the underground spectrum is to be exhausted between techno, house and pop to all sides. The only guideline is unshakeable commitment to clearly mapped out and put quality. More will SCHÖNBRUNNER PEARLS not - but certainly never less!

Label members: Ken Hayakawa, Julian & der Fux, MOTSA, Komaton, Laminat, Channel F, Evirgen, Hans Staudinger, Heinz Seidenbusch, Plan & Piper, Beppo Ton, Rantanplan, Herb Piper, Gregor Möller, Thomas Stieler, Staudinger & Schreder, Denis Yashin, Thomas Schöndorfer and Band, Falk Dobermann, Sebastian Oberst, Andreas Buchner, Luma.Launisch, Lampenschirm, Bildwerk, Cosmic Cowboys, Daso, caTekk, Lupo, Alex Q, Echonomist, Zusammenklang

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.