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scantraxx special



Scantraxx Special is a sublabel of Dutch record label Scantraxx. Scantraxx Silver was one of the earlier Scantraxx sub-labels, founded it 2004. It focuses on hardstyle music like Scantraxx, and has releases by artists like DJ Duro, JDX, and Frontliner. Headhunterz made his debut on Scantraxx through Scantraxx Special with his release of "The Sacrifice".

Dov J. Elkabas aka The Prophet, the man behind this big successful project, is one of the first Dutch Hardcore DJ's and producer. After 10 years of Hardcore he decided to produce Hardstyle and he started his own Hardstyle record label called Scantraxx. In his Hardcore period he worked with DJ Buzz Fuzz, DJ Dano & DJ Gizmo as the group "The Dreamteam" (ID&T). They had their own recordlabel Dreamteam Records, and his all carreer he worked with almost all of the well know Hardcore Artists in the world. Nowadays Dov J. Elkabas has the biggest Hardstyle label in the world. Scantraxx Records was founded by Dov Elkabas in 2002 and is one of the largest Hardstyle labels in the whole scene. The offices of Scantraxx are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Sister labels: A² Records, Gold Records (14), M!D!FY, Not On Label (Atmozfears Self-released), Paint It Black, Scantraxx Evolutionz, Scantraxx Italy, Scantraxx Radioshow, Scantraxx Reloaded, Scantraxx Silver, ScantraXXL, Squaretraxx

Scantraxx Special is the home for artists like Sampleboxxx, 3 Steps Ahead, Brennan & Heart, A-Lusion, Punk Brozz, Max B. Grant, DJ Duro, Headliner, The Prophet, JDX, Clive King, MBG, Frontliner, Second Identity, Ran-D, Bass Modulators, just to name a few.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.