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Savoir Records is an initiative by Dutch producer Thomas Laurén of Manual Music / Wolfskuil Recordsfame.

Citing influences from Jeff Buckley to Frank Sinatra, Klaus Schultz to Jeff Mills, Philip Glass to Boards of Canada and Queen to Imogen Heap, Thomas Lauren grew to be a diverse producer. Often it’s not so much the groove that takes the lead in his music but the honest and romantic atmosphere that makes the sound of Thomas unique and graciously.

The ideas of music Thomas has, are without any reservations or restrictions. So to do the thing he loves most, Thomas created, together with his musical friend Tundra, Savoir Records. They are releasing primary their own material, but the most important aspect of the label and music is that it comes from the heart. Savoir Records is trying to let the world know that innovative romantic electronic music exists. ‘Undefined Night’ was the first release on Savoir Records and it was an instant success. The track has been picked up by many DJ’s including Estroe. The second release of Thomas Lauren on Savoir, ‘Elevated Morning’ reached even one of the biggest DJ’s in the world, Sander Kleinenberg.

The Dutch imprint aims at musiclovers worldwide, who like their grooves a little deeper, their melodies a little more sophisticated and their house music a little more music. Savoir Records.

We focus on deep techy house and dubby beat-orientated experimentalism. We are always open for new music, send us an email @ savoirrecords{at}gmail{dot}com if you want us to hear your tracks.