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SAOBI is new label by Santi. The project was born in Ibiza in 2008 after the production of a demo called "Saobi" which has never been published but only played as a bootleg.

Santi is a DJ and producer emerging from the Italian underground scene. His DJ career spans over a decade, after having a passion with the house music starting in 1991. Over the last few years, music has become a considerable part of his life, listening and mixing different beats and genres, today his sound goes from deep to tech-house, with strong funky influences.

As a producer he doesn't limit his creations to a specific genre, thanks to his intuitions and numerous studies in digital Audio, many tunes may include influences from various styles creating and adding different forms and styles of music.

After networking with many DJs of the international underground scene, today he is working with new artists, introducing a new generation of producers on his own label Saobi Records.

Today Saobi aims to be accessible to everyone and our aim to create new and innovative sounds by mixing together different forms and styles of music. The team have decided that as a label that they will not be choosing a defined tag, as they believe in standing out from the crowd and going against conformity to enable them to showcase a range of original sounding music and new upcoming artists!!!

***To see more releases from this imprint, please search for the label called ‘’Saobi Records’’.

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Santi & Nasty Boy Everything Starts With a Beat

Santi & Nasty Boy

Everything Starts With a Beat

VÖ-Datum: 04.10.2016
Label: saobi
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