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Rwina Records represents the Amsterdam based music label launched in 2008.

The ever-growing Rwina family is an international affair and includes a number of remarkable and fresh names hob-nobbing with some all time legends. Kicking things off with a nutso release by Starkey early off in his exploding career and continuing on with two hypercolour dub manifestos by the Glaswegian Taz Buckfaster and some nightmarish hip-hop from Playdoe, Rwina went all-out for 2010 with a blitz of jaw-dropping releases from Starkey, Eprom, SRC, Noah D, Terror Danjah and Rachet. Rwina expanded the diverse catalogue with Swindle, Bloom, 501, Doshy, Desto and another EP by Eprom in 2011.

Things really got heavy when EPROM dropped his debut album on Rwina Records. RBMA alumni Jameszoo and Krampfhaft were added to the family. 2013 sees EPROM's widely anticipated second album among other releases.

Every single one of Rwina’s releases up to this point are worth getting, and each live in their own tie-dye world, a world as gloriously detailed and awe-inspiring as the eye-catching label artwork — seriously, some of these labels have to be seen to be believed. Couple that with a reliable ear for only the best tracks and you’ve got yourself a formidable set of twelves that would be hard to rival by any other label.

Sublabel: Zenka

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.