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rudeboy plastic



Rude Bwoy Plastic represents the Drum 'n' Bass label focusing on Ragga from Los Angeles, California, USA. It's run by Heretic and Deja Gambino.

With a career in Jungle/Drum and Bass that spans as far back as 1993, DJ Heretic has witnessed many evolutions in the scene. His first big break occurred in 1997 with the signing of him and his fellow 119 Crew members to Suburban Base USA, an imprint of the infamous Suburban Base UK breakbeat powerhouse, for the classic mix CD “California Drum and Bass”.

In 1998, Heretic began producing his own signature sound of ragga jungle, which at that time was being overlooked in favor of the more prominent hardstep, jump-up and techstep movements. His first release – a massive reworking of Top Cat’s classic anthem “ Bunn The Sensi” was quickly supported by ragga jungle heads and fans of full vocal Drum and Bass worldwide and sold out within weeks. A string of successful releases followed (“Heads High” by Mr. Vegas, “Champion” by Buju Banton and “Scalp Dem” by Supercat) until 2004, when he too a hiatus from the scene to pursue other interests.

Heretic returned to the scene with authority in 2007 with a massive slab of vinyl featuring the one and only Marley Brothers (Stephen and Damian) and a huge rework of their hit “Traffic Jam”. A spate of releases followed up to the current 10th release on Rude Bwoy Plastic – the Bunn The Sensi remixes by the Serial Killaz and Heretic himself.

For 2009, several huge releases are in store. Currently featured on DOA’s Dubplates section (and on the mix) is Heretic’s new rework of the hip-hop classic “Passin’ Me By” by The Pharcyde, and in the works for early 2009 are remixes of the second release on Rude Bwoy Plastic, the massive “Heads High” by Mr. Vegas. The infamous production duo Serial Killaz have also been tapped to put their own stamp on this dancehall classic, so stay tuned!