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rude records



Rude Records represents the Amsterdam based music label founded by Art of dance in coorperation with Dr Rude. The releases on this label contain the Jump sound with a twist of hardstyle.

On the 16th of November 1982, it was time for one of the biggest multi-talented DJ’s to check out what it would be like to be on planet Earth. Not having the knowledge that he was lto become one of the leaders of his generation in harder styles, the Dutch Rudi Feenstra’s interest got caught by hiphop: one of his friends inspired Rudi to get two turntables and a mixer. Scratching, cutting and juggling around, Rudi soon found out that hiphop wasn’t his cup of tea. Instead of heavy basses, downtempo beats and raps, he learned that he got more enthusiastic about kicks, basslines and filthy synthesizers. He used the techniques he gathered from his hiphop-background to make his sets more interesting for the audience, as he was mixing hardstyle, houseclassics and early rave.

After gaining some experience, Dr. Rude entered the contest for the Defqon.1 2004 Talent Room. He won the talent night and played at the festival as a reward. Since that very day, the doctor got booked for the biggest events around, like Audio Attack, Mindcontroller and History Of Hardcore, where he featured next to the infamous Dream Team. Because of his rising stardom, he was offered a contract with Masters of Hardcore Bookings, the most prestigious hardcore agency in the world. His name got even bigger than before, as he played at events like Masters of Hardcore, Defqon.1 2005, Pandemonium and Trip 2 Dreamland – Erotic City.

In 2006 the doctor got infected by the jump-virus, a disease for which he couldn’t find a cure. He also started to produce records and began his own label: Rude Records. Thanks to productions like ‘Musical Mezz’, ‘Shake That Ass” and ‘Jump It Up Yo’ he got international bookings and earned the respect of well-known artists in the scene. After Rudi released the acclaimed ‘Jumpin’ Electronics EP’ together with Lobotomy Inc. on his own label, Rudi has now become one of the biggest Dutch hardcore artists.

At the beginning of 2008 Rude Records was taken over by Cloud 9 Dance, first it was in hands of Art Of Dance.