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The history of RoXour is characterised by passion and talent. In the beginning the RoXour label was set up by Patrick Alavi to only release his own stuff, but then his friend Benjamin Theves came up with his first demo “Texas”. Erol Alkan played the track at a party in Paris while Gildas of Kitsuné was in the crowd, and he went crazy. Gildas was so thrilled that he licensed the track for Kitsuné and released “Texas” including a new remix by Sebastian.

Patrick Alavi is an Artist from Cologne, Germany and started doing music in the late 90s. With his instinctive Basslines and Expression he influenced a lot of other Musicans, Producers, DJs and other Artists.

Since 2007 he was working on his new Music which will be released during 2014 on various Albums. Each Album represents a Development Step in Patrick´s Awareness Process. In this Production Time he learned to play all Instruments on his own and built his own Analog Instruments and Effects to give the Sound an unique Signature. One year later Patrick dropped a new EP by French boy wonder Tepr which later was picked up by Wall Of Sound.

After that, more and more people started to notice RoXour and the success story went on with the next release “Better Than Prince” by Parisian bass player Flairs. The record featured live drums played by Cosmo Vitelli and the entire project was mixed by Alex Gopher and Etienne de Crécy. On top of all that Jonas and Francois, who collaborated with artists like Kanye West, Madonna, Justice, and Kavinsky, made an outstanding cartoon videoclip which was playlisted on MTV UK, MTV France and several online tv formats.

The next release became the most successful release to date. Alavi’s freaky remix of the Nirvana classic, “Smells Like Rerox” (roXour004), has been supported by prominent DJs like Trentemøller, Diplo, Alex Gopher, Heiko M/S/O, as well as hundreds of other big names. And the track wasn’t just another illegal mash-up, it was officially supported by Courtney Love when she gave her exclusive permission for this release.

Time to move on and time to deliver more anthems, RoXour is now 100% set up to rule the market in the following years. Or like Patrick said “I have the vision that roXour becomes an outstanding label of its time, such as Motown or Warp records”. roXour. It roX our brain.

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Patrick Alavi To Be

Patrick Alavi

To Be

VÖ-Datum: 23.09.2013
Label: roxour
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