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Room 69



Room 69 is a new digital label born out of the meeting between Ray Costa (dj & producer) and Plus 39 group (Starlight Neurotraxx Deluxe Goodeeva Bootylicious Love Cycle I Hate U Pink Rabbit). Room 69 is more than a strictly business oriented company - it is rather conceived as a family where Artists can meet and promote themselves easily and safely. Born in 2009, the label aims at promoting the typical club sounds such as minimal, techno and progressive house. Room69 is always looking for innovation in sound and creativity, embraces experimentation and welcomes new talent wanting to emerge and bring their music to a wide and demanding public. In the labels vision, Artists are given equal opportunities and gather into a musical circle of friends whose strongest attributes are imagination and quality. Room69 tries to find the exact balance between its artists and its audience, in order to be 100% satisfied of its work. ..Xpress yourself !

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