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rockwell records



Rockwell Records represents the british independent music label who releases exclusively compilations from the king of Rock’n’Roll, Mr Elvin Presley.

The UK based Rockwell Records released a new and re-issued vinyl picture discs. The albums - "True Love" and "All Shook Up" - contain Elvis' early recordings from 1957. The "True Love" release is new and limited to 1000 copies. The "All Shook Up" disc is limited to 100 copies can only be gotten through the publisher's eBay store.

Elvis Express Radio is proud to be associated with Rockwell Records, makers of superb quality Elvis vinyl of very limited quantities. Their picture disc releases are stunning additions to any fans collection, and are highly likely to increase in value and become a true valuable collectors item in the future.

Working together, E.E.R and Rockwell will be bringing Elvis fans around the world more great limited edition albums, plus a mega-rare collectible coloured vinyl album EXCLUSIVE to Elvis Express Radio.

Here you will see all the Elvis titles currently on the Rockwell catalogue along with links to where you can purchase your very own copy of these beautiful collectible Elvis album releases.

Remember, these picture disc vinyl albums are strictly limited. Rockwell Records will also be producing standard vinyl Elvis titles which we at Elvis Express Radio will make you aware of right here....