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Ritter Butzke Studio



Ritter Butzke Studio represents the brand new independent german music label created in 2013. The infamous Berlin nightclub, Ritter Butzke, takes the leap from venue to record label this September, with Mario Aureo & Manuel Morenoís ĎAutumn Bellí EP, backed with a remix from Sebo.

The Ritter Butzke nightclub was initially launched as an illegal event space in 2007, and over the years has blossomed to become one of Berlinís leading hot spots. Playing host to some of the best underground parties around. Here the brand launches its record label, entitled Ritter Butzke Studio, kicking off with a collaborative single from duo Mario Aureo & Manuel Moreno, the Swiss pair are long running residents at the Ritter Butzke, as well as Zurichís infamous Hive Club.

The single opens with the original mix of title track, ĎAutumn Bellí, a dark, brooding, low-slung house cut, built around simple 4/4 drums, tension building strings and elongated bass licks, while processed, spoken word vocal lines add further character to the record and drives the musicality. A ĎDubí is offered up to follow, doing exactly that, stripping back the vibe to a reduced drum and synth focused vibe.

On the B-Side, Aureo & Moreno turn in, ĎArosisí, the duo opt for a more minimalistic approach to the production this time, employing raw, organic percussion, smooth ethereal pad lines and a looped vocal as the driving force, as warbling sub bass tones meander around the foundations.

Then lastly to close the EP, German producer and URSL founder, Sebo reworks ĎArosisí, creating a stunningly contrasting interpretation, as Sebo introduces his own additional vocal lines and varied arrangement, rounding off the package nicely.

This is an outstanding debut from Ritter Butzke Studio and a great sign of whatís to come from this exciting new imprint. Mario Aureo & Manuel Morenoís ĎAutumn Bellí EP is out on Ritter Butzke Studio 30th September 2013.

Ritter Buztzke Studio's artists roster includes acts such as Kotelett & Zadak, Kuriose Naturale, Manuel Moreno, Mario Aureo, Patryk Molinari, Sebo, and new other talents to come.

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partyk molinari addicted to the vibe ep

partyk molinari

addicted to the vibe ep

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