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Rilis is a musical project started in 1999;
it all begun from master producer "rino cerrone", need to face the international music market.
His continuos search of professional growth, brought him to the creation of an independent label.

It's name (ri'li:s), phonetic for "release", is strictly related to the musical concept of the label itself, "to make working instruments for dj's, that is releases".

The project was first thought to come up with 10 limited and untitled releases, but later on special edition were made, in between of the originally schedulated ones, that's why they were numbered from 1.5 trough 10.5.
All these tracks are meant to be techouse ended loops.

Promoter "Mario Manganelli" has been entitled of the making of the project, taking care of it's management and manufacturing.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.