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Say Hello to REST! ...the new Label of Herb LF (Westpark Unit, Gush Collective, Draft Recordings, supafeed) and Phil Decker (Sensual Touch Recordings)!

For a start the two labelrunners are entering their brand new stage in person as their project Discoshit.

After recently having taken part on the Rhythm Kings Compilation by Traveller Records, next to OOFT, Nicholas or Leonidas, they now present their debut EP Strike a Pose! Heavy bass dub meets deep disco on the starter Strike a Pose! With its dubby vibe it stands for the spirit of the time. Sound Of... raises the pressure with a symbiosis of 80s funk and pure housesound. Its getting hot,baby! Breakers and househeads agree on deep chords and swinging handclaps on the dancefloor. If Roy Ayers would do slomo house, it might sound like Biwak. Crackling jazz warms up the cold club or serves up the perfect pick for a sunrise set.

Filtermadness and sample patchwork, in the end Number One sneaks into the prime time with finesse and pop appeal. On top of that Strike a Pose! is presented in a stylish cover artwork by ElinaSolomonov(arte TV).

For their second release, Rest! Music invites us to the table and presents the debut of their compilation series Restaurant. A delicious 3 course set menu of deephouse, slomo funk and disco delights the guest. For a starter Tobias Dziapko and Thomas Tuscherer aka Morgenklang place the hors doeuvre on the spot outside and have an airy picnic.Green & Blue swingswith warm chords through the green grass and seduces with irresistable funk for a dance under the clear blue sky. Deephouse á la haute cuisine.

The next course is being served by Superloader. Herb LF and Cassique, the makers of the netlabel supafeed.net, choke the tempo down to slomo house and present with Walk with me! a hypnotic dubby builder with good old Prescription Records wink inclusive. Discoshit (Herb LF & Phil Decker) let the closing buffet fly in by aliens. Imported warp basslines from distant galaxies wed with earthly disco to Strangers, which makes its direct way to the dancefloor with spoken words and Sugarhill hook.
Something for you mind, your body and your soul By the way she will be responsible for the next REST! release with her debut EP under her alias Elina Monova!

Rest Music is the home of DISCOSHIT!, Herb LF, Phil Decker, Superloader and many other incredible artists.

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Discoshit Strike A Pose! EP


Strike A Pose! EP

VÖ-Datum: 01.02.2012
Label: rest
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.