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Remute represents the german label founded in 2008 by Denis Karimani alias Remute, and is located in Hamburg, Germany. Although nowadays, the german imprint is mainly used for the head label's own productions, a few years ago many artists collabored with Remute.

Remute (aka Hamburg-Cityboy Denis Karimani) is not just the owner of the www-domain 'Techno.xxx' --- he is also for sure one of the most productive, energetic and crazy protagonists of this genre. Since his teenage days the Belgrade-born producer released on labels like Traum, Areal, Dial, Bedrock or Tresor and sharpened his reputation as a creator of unconventional, but sure-shot-floorfillers!

Remute had his final breakthrough in 2008 after he launched his own, self-titled, label 'Remute'. Its first release and mega hit 'Zuendli' triggered an unprecedented wave of techno-euphoria and the catchy, thrilling helicopter-sounds caused clubber's jaw clenching and teeth grinding for months, well, for years even!
More and more distinctive releases followed like 'The Orgy' (including a sample of his own blood with each of the limited album editions!), 'Cowbell Mania' (the ultimate cowbell-sampling-massacre!), 'Der Gute Mensch' (with Vienna legend Louie Austen) or 'Lampuca For Me', which, also thanks to Erol Alkan's heavy support, became a massive club hit not only for the oldschool techno heads but as well for the nu rave kids.

Remute runs riot and forms hurricanes of emotions out of different influences and moods, which carry you away, especially because you never know what is going to happen next: straight minimal house tracks mutate into chopped disco orgies, prudish techno advances meet robotized voices, which cause turbulence in the stereo-sum and what appears to start like a cool electro track might turn into a heartbreaking hymn against sadness.

The german imprint, Remute is the home for artists like Pasquale Maasen, Paul Schal, Arian, Pelle Buys, Dizko Toaster, Elfen, Stephan Koenigk, Crystal Understanding, Michael Schwarz, Firemire, Hans Bouffmyhre, Chip Tronic, Catalepsia, Mentalic, Lefrenk, Komatrohn, NT89, Traxtor, Remute, The Deadstock 33's, Mendoza, Leghau, Discoforgia, Da Gobblin, Hausse, Raphael Dincsoy, Sheep Whore, and many many others.

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5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.