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Regen Records



R.E.G.E.N Records is an arm of the Australian Not for Profit environmental festival organisation R.E.G.E.N. (www.regen.org.au). R.E.G.E.N's goal is to help raise the environmental consciousness by combining environmental education and restoration works with music and cultural entertainment. The main focus being their annual tree planting sustainable festival near Sydney. So far R.E.G.E.N has been responsible for planting over 55,000 trees at their events.

In keeping with the R.E.G.E.N philosophy of making a positive impact on the planet, Regen Records perseveres to follow all best practices for the environment in everything they do.

We aim to set an example for other record labels around the world to take a strong stance on how their actions effect the environment. This involves all stages of production from the CD manufacturing through to the energy we use in promo and distribution.

Naturally the most environmentally friendly way of getting music around the world is through the digital media, and Regen Records are very happy to have teamed up with DistElectronic to pursue this fast growing area.

With releases from across the genres of psytrance, progressive and downbeat and a host of very talented producers, this label is looking forward to a bright future of releasing the best cutting edge electronic music to the world.

Regen Records is completely not for profit and all proceeds go towards the work of R.E.G.E.N in managing environmental restoration and education projects.

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Daheen Being Green


Being Green

VÖ-Datum: 09.09.2011
Label: regen records
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