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reel people music



Reel People Music represents the London based independent music label launched in 2009.

Lazarus and Momrelle launched label Reel People Music in December 2009 with the single Star, a feel- good, jazz-funky lick fronted superbly by Momrelle. It Will Be, another slinky, soul-juiced cut from Seven Ways, followed – remixed and repackaged – a few months later.

Most recent work is 2011 album Reel People Present Golden Lady, a set of ‘spine-tingling’ original songs including the superlative cover of Stevie Wonder’s Golden Lady, beautifully re-sung by Tony Momrelle (and subsequently remixed as a single by legend ‘Little’ Louie Vega), plus material by emerging US soul stars Choklate and Darien (Darien’s Sure also released as a scorching remixed single).

The album confirms Reel People’s long-standing position at the soulful underground’s top table. And there’s no desire to step down. Reel People Music is now up to 25 releases and its careful, long-term nurturing of stylish acts such as The Layabouts will lead to many more – The Layabouts’ eagerly awaited spring 2012 album Future Retro has, in fact, been executively produced by Reel People.

As for the band itself, a new live show premiered in April 2012 at prestigious London jazz joint Ronnie Scott’s, officially kick-starting their next set of plans. Fans can expect more appearances –building on the band’s excellent 2011 South African tour– in the months ahead, a hot new single Startin’ Over (featuring Darien) and ‘Best Of’ album; all of it celebrating Reel People’s landmark 10th anniversary.

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