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Reaktivate is a Techno Imprint founded March 2012 in Porto, Portugal. Owned by Quantic Spectroscopy, MuteMan and Simão Janela. Nuno Mendonça (Kinetic) as Label Manager and Main St. as A&R. RKT are a really great bunch of guys. Very passionate, honest and funny. I guess that’s why we all get on so well with each other. Their label is doing well, with strong releases and good support. They’ll continue to grow because of their ‘don’t give a fuck’ DIY attitude, which they are combining with a positive approach and confident imagination, which is getting more and more evident with each release. The ambition they have is not driven by ego, but by the desire for change. This is influenced as much by the place where they live; Portugal, as the wider Techno ‘scene’ that surrounds them.

Reaktivate urges from the necessity of spreading underground, urban, industrial, electronic music to the masses. Aiming for quality and originality they focus on Techno music without labeling any subgenre. The team also focuses on signing new artists with big artists from the Techno scene to provide the best music.

Reaktivate isn´t about following trends or limiting itself to a specific sound, trying instead to create a philosophy and identity to differentiate itself from other music labels. In short, genres, labelling, and other basic rituals of turning music into objects isn’t what they are about. Priding themselves in being, first and foremost, a family of music lovers, they gather in search for the ultimate sound compositions and in stimulating the personality of artists who also share this vision.

Reaktivate is, above everything else, just about the music, good electronic music. The kind of music that makes you crave inside for more and moves you to further your exploration into the doors that we have tried to open or at least tried to widen a bit more. The music that fulfils your soul and your mind, that makes you travel to other dimensions or makes our own dimension clearer and truer. The music that takes you to places where you can only live in your imagination. A true way to understand and express feelings and sensations to and from others.

Created with the goal of putting out good music, Reaktivate also focus on putting Portugal on the map as a place with highly talented and knowledgeable people, capable of creating and curating the best music from the electronic realm.

Launched in 2012, the brandnew label it is growing wings and aiming for full takeoff with support and charting from artists like Claudio PRC, Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Gianluca Meloni, Perc, Ness, Shin Nishimura, Tommy Four Seven, Mattias Fridell, DVS1, Cassegrain, Delko, Sonitus Eco, among others. Reaktivate´s path promises to be one of success, with more and more support and recognition from artists. Made by music obsessives, for music obsessives, the Reaktivate team wants to truly educate and pass the message of high quality Electronic Music to the world!

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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.