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raw elements



Raw Elements is a hardcore record label, established by Steve Uplift in 2002 in an effort to get some vinyl onto the shelves and to represent the underground hardcore scene. Currently Raw Elements is jointly managed by Steve Uplift and Sc@r who continue to keep up the high quality level of hardcore releases which it’s home to and well respected within the world wide scene. Artists have included Mike Euphony, Al Storm, Lukozade, Luna-C, Lost Soul, UFO, Stargazer, Haze, Joey Riot, CLSM, Gammer and many other artists.
The London based label has also featured on a number of compilation albums throughout the years. Their tunes can be heard on many of the Bonkers series, Clubland X-treme, Helter Skelter, Ministry of Sound and many more.

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sc@r vs. joey riot never ending dream

sc@r vs. joey riot

never ending dream

VÖ-Datum: 31.08.2009
Label: raw elements
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