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Raving Loony Records



Raving Loony Records

Founded in the spring of 2010 by two friends from Hamburg, Manuel Jahn and Mark Moerchen joined forces with a mission: to publish club music they believe in. Starting in a tiny office in Hamburg’s famous Reeperbahn and growing rapidly within a year, Raving Loony works with a network of artists from around the world including Portugal, Finland, Spain, Australia and Germany with just one criterion: danceability.

With this mentality and the right breeding ground to foster creativity, the label started throwing parties to spread the word. It wasn’t long before these turned into now legendary outdoor events, taking full advantage of the beautiful harbour at their disposal and getting bigger and bigger each year. This year the parties have expanded to include a large outdoor festival, working with the likes of Jagermeister and showcasing both international and internationally-known acts.

As well as releases from established artists, the label continues to unearth fresh talent from all around the world with a slew of releases scheduled for the upcoming months, including the debut album from Australian born, Hamburg-based producer So Called Friend. Keeping busy with an upcoming Australia tour, music video production as well as hosting TV and radio shows, there is a lot to do for the label’s current team of six.

And so the Loonyverse (as it is affectionately known) continues to expand, without a single sign of slowing down.