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Rancid Records is a drum & bass and jungle record label that was setup and run by drum & bass producer / DJ BSM in March 2013. The label is owned and run by BSM & DJ Kaoz.

Ben Mortimer & Chris Thatcher AKA BSM & DJ Kaoz are the founders and owners of the Rancid Records drum & bass and jungle label. The label was established in March 2013 and quickly became popular with the quality of its releases and professionalism. Rancid Records was becoming a household name within the drum & bass and jungle world.

As well as its promise to release a quality double track single of either drum & bass or jungle every week, Rancid Records also delivers many EPs throughout the year including their very popular Rancid EP series, they also promise to release 2 charity albums per year, 1 for the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and the 2nd for the British Heart Foundation.

Both BSM & DJ Kaoz have been working within the scene for around 15 years. BSM being a producer and sound engineer where DJ Kaoz a top flight DJ to which has played at numerous events too many to mention alongside some of the biggest names within the scene.

Rancid Records started off signing artists from the UK but quickly started being recognised by artists all over Europe as the "Go To" label. Now the label is signing artists worldwide not just for releasing their music productions but also for repping them as DJs for events. The artist list (which is broken down into 3 categories Producers, DJs & Vocalists/MCs) is very extensive, it includes DJ Sideeffect (who happens to be the Label Manager) Sirenity (Vocalist Manager) Krooga (Label Administrator and DJ/Producer) DJ Ramjack (Fantazia), DJ Upakut (Kool FM), MC Hatcha, DJ Resistance, Salacious Krum, Levi Beatz, V4D3R, Mizz Twisted, Exit Point, Junglist Mercer just to name a few. 2013 was the starting block for this label and so far 2014 is looking very promising

March 12th 2014 Rancid Records celebrated the label being 1 year old!!

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rancid b sides and c sides


b sides and c sides

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