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Ragrange Records represents the Japanese independent music label launched in 2011 and run by Rondenion.

Rondenion starts his new label Ragrange with the debult album ‘’Night Breeze Ep’’.This is considered to be probably some of his best works to date. For sure the most in your face and uptempo tracks we've heard from him. Tracks that will cause a stir on the dancefloor for sure! Tip!

Rondenion is a DJ and producer born in Japan. He began working as a recording artist in the late 90s under the name Hirofumi Goto, and released his global debut, “Ameria EP“. It drew attention for its dark beats, unusual for a Japanese artist, and was played by top DJs like Derrik May.

He changed his name to RONDENION to show respect to Chicago and Detroit, and began working on an overseas release. Ultimately, his “Love Bound EP” was released by major labels such as “Rush Hour” and became a big hit. It reached the top on the RushHourStore sales chart, and became popular in Europe.

In 2012 he formed “Ragrange Symphony” with his old friends NO MILK and KEZ YM, and he is currently working on a number of projects for his own record label, “Ragrange Records“.

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sai other side of the window ep


other side of the window ep

VÖ-Datum: 22.01.2014
Label: ragrange
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