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QT Records



Since 2006 is John Curtis's Record Label QT RECORDS a brand for his ideas and multiple musical creativity for the worldwide market. As closed familiar circle with fix artists as, S.M.E.R.T., Sven Jozwiak, DJ Geronimo, Fly O Tech, Room Of Replica, Daniel L and Polium is the main focus to looking forward to the music Industry and still deliver quality grooves.

Musical creativity are devoted to the Tunes as Techno, Minimal and Experimental. Abstracts arts from worldwide artists as Video, Graphic, Web design, fill the artistic bundle of formats the Label's looking for and presents regularly in his releases. A continuous research for the unconventional stuff is the main target the label sets without any end in his back catalogue. QT RECORDS is a synonym of quality underground music as new musical and visual standards.

Label's other branches are Booking Agency where only a very Selected artist list is available and present to the public in his events as in a Huge clubs globally QT RECORDS artists are performing to. A further engagement is the Event organization, which organizes club events as well as outdoor events and tours worldwide. QT RECORDS's tagret is to contribute to the musical underground scene, delivering for the future lot more artistical expressions.