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q dance



Q-dance is one of the Dutch companies who host big events in the harder styles in modern dance music. They managed to grow in a short time to be the leader for these massive events. Events like Qlimax (25.000), Defqon.1 (35.000), In Qontrol (35.000) sold out immediately and the smaller events naming Qlub tempo, X-Qlusive and Qrime Time (New Years party), Ressureqtion and Teqnology are legendary to some.

Q-dance records started off in 2003 with their first hardstyle projects and have grown to be a big label with quality and massive hardstyle, hardtrance and techno releases. In the period from 2003 till 2005 they managed to release tracks on the Q-dance orange label which represented the Dutch hardstyle sound. Artists like Dana, Luna, Trilok & Chiren, Deepack, Showtek, Alpha Twins, Pila and The Prophet have all released on this label.

Next to the hardstyle Q-dance founded a blue label with represented the Hardtrance, the massive release from Sa.Vee. Oh and the newcomer Busy (Thalamus) & Dragan as also on this label. The third colour on this label was the green side, this one was meant for techno and Xanno Gallois together with legendary artists like Kay D Smith, DJ Dano and Jan Liefhebber released their tracks on this label.

The regular releases (so excluding the compilations and gifts) until 2005 have two catalog numbers. One for Q-Dance only and one in the typical ID&T style (700xxxx). These releases came in colored covers, each cover got his own color and style like orange for hardstyle, green for techno, blue for hardtrance. Release number 9 got skipped for no reason. The new releases have a Q-dance number and are all anthems of their major events.

Nowadays Q-dance releases are the anthems of their events, like DJ Luna - The One Man Show , Defqon.1 2005 by the Prophet and the Qlimax anthem by DJ Zany.

Awards: Defqon.1 voted New South Wales Favourite Music Festival 2009 & 2010 & Australia's favourite music festival of 2012 in the annual inthemix Awards.

*** To see more releases from this imprint, please search for the label called ‘’Q-Dance’’.