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Founded in 1995 by Second Wave pioneers Keith Tucker and Anthony Shakir, the label has since then remained one of the only, and longest-running Techno Bass labels from Detroit; releasing primarily the various pseudonyms that Tucker recorded under, as well as names like "A Number Of Names", "Dynarec", and "Black Electric".

The label started things off with "First Concept", a split E.P. with "Da Sampla", offering 2 cuts by each artist, and quickly followed up by "Concept 2"; second and last in the series. While 1998 would only bring the release of "Automaton" by Keith Tucker as himself, the label would begin to slightly increase its output over the next few years, with the release of titles like Black Electric's self-entitled debut ( 2000 ), Optic Nerve's "Teleportation E.P.", the remixes album for A Number Of Names' "Shari Vari" ( 2002 ), as well as Auxmen's "Project 1" ( 2002 ), and "Auxmen 2" ( 2003 ).

2004 would see the return of Keith Tucker under his K-1 alias, releasing "Machine Soul E.P.", and featuring a fantastic remix by the duo Microthol. Optic Nerve's mix CD "Metal Images" would soon follow, and later in 2006 Optic Nerve would return again with "Replica E.P."; and included a remix by Roman Debnar.

2009 would see a strong return between Tucker and Hamilton as Aux 88's "Mad Scientist" project, which would prove to be a turning point for the splintered "Electro" scene, being revived by the re-introduction of the style of Techno Bass music, and the different projects that would soon follow by many artists that were directly influenced by this album, as well as the nearly coordinated rebirth of the website "Technobass.net".

Between 2010 and 2012, the label would begin to focus almost exclusively on the follow up project to Mad Scientist called "Black Tokyo", which would bring in Japanese female talents "Ice Truck", as well as Erika Tele, to add that final missing touch to the long awaited concept series of releases by Aux 88. The label would follow up on the CD album, by releasing an array of 12" E.P.'s; a couple which have been remix E.P.'s, and featuring works by Ellen Allien, Niko Marks, Arthur Oskan, Gez Varley, Little Nobody, and Arne Weinberg.

So far since the end of 2012, the label has only released a new 12" by Tucker as Optic Nerve, featuring remixes by the duo themselves, as well as M5. Much more can be expected, as the label has never shown any signs of fading away; in fact, if the last few years are any sign, it seems that Tucker and Hamilton have been refining their craft to take things to a whole new level.

Puzzlebox has undoubtedly been a leading force in the Electro Bass genre, and though it hasn't focused on releasing too many artists outside of their peripheral vision, it has nonetheless been a platform for some very talented folks that really care about Electronic music, and the impact it should have on the masses as we progress into the 21st century and beyond.

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6 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 6.