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progcity deep trax



Progcity Deep Trax represents the Hannover based independent music label established in the summer of 2007.

The tracky techy was launched as sublabel of the deeper ProgCity imprint.

Klaus Spitzner, label boss and driving force of the ProgCity Deep Trax label, wants to continue the tradition of deep timeless musical expression and wants to give innovative artists the opportunity to make their ideas a reality, and to have a label where their music gets spread into the world.

In today's time, Progcity Deep Trax are one of the few labels that also still release on vinyl and any fan of the good old vinyl still supports our exclusive remixes if vinyl is available.

Progcity Deep Trax is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Simon Hinter, Subsky, Tiger Stripes, Alton Miller, Autodeep, Bernardo Garcia, Deepwerl, FIMO, Limo, Rico Pustel, Marsmellows, Micha Mischer, Paskal, Salvatore Agrosi, Lars Behrenroth, Hannes Smith, amongst several others.

*** To see even more releases from this label, please search for the label called ''Progcity Deep'.