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prog city



ProgCity Records represents the Hannover based independent music label established in the summer of 1997 and founded by Klaus Spitzner.

Born in 1965. Deepwerk!, better known as Klaus Spitzner, has a very early contact to music. By the age of 14 he enjoyed soul records like Barry White or Zapp. After that he attended an apprenticeship as a trained retail salesman and graduated successfully.

From 1988 to 1991 he worked for Discomania, the first import record store in Hannover, before he settled over to Frankfurt to bring his work to perfection in the wholesale. In 1993 he went back to Hannover and started working for SPV distribution as a specialist for the dance music sector. He left this job preciously in early 1994, when Wolfgang Sick, Errol Rennalls and Mousse T. came together at Weidendamm 8 in Hannover to float the Peppermint Jam Record Label & Studios.

Another project that built up in those years was the ProgCity Records, an imprint of Peppermint. Heads of it were Klaus Spitzner! himself, Martin Buttrich and Andy Bolleshon. Today the label looks back on over 50 successful releases and a much Deeper Sublabel called ProgCity Deep, which was set up in 2005.

Klaus Spitzner, label boss and driving force of the ProgCity and ProgCity Deep Trax label, wants to continue the tradition of deep timeless musical expression and wants to give innovative artists the opportunity to make their ideas a reality, and to have a label where their music gets spread into the world.

In today's time, ProgCity and Progcity Deep Trax are one of the few labels that also still release on vinyl and any fan of the good old vinyl still supports our exclusive remixes if vinyl is available.

ProgCity Records is the home platform for a variety of artists such as:Jamie Lewis, Rhythm Assault. Sexbomb, Prologue, Native Random, Future Grooves, Lovebeads, The Sould Immigrants, Sound Of Life, Freak Sensation, Chocolate Milk, Panique, Kevin Sunray, Tiger Stripes, Bionik Phunk, amongst several others.

*** To see even more releases from this label, please search for the label called ''Progcity Deep Trax''.