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Poesie Music / Get Physical Music



Poesie Musik represents the german imprint that Wankelmut and Jay Haze inaugurated as a sublabel of Get Physical. In times where a whole new generation of young producers and DJs start to take over the music scene the German label Poesie Musik was founded. A new platform to discover new talents.

Starting with Wankelmut's release 'Wankelmoods Vol. 1' in 2012 the label specialised itself in releasing modern, melodic dance music. With newcomers such as Jonas Woehl or Nils Hoffmann who made his first appearance with only 16 years, Poesie Musik established its concept.

Despite its ties to the highly respected Get Physical label, the newly minted Poesie Musik should be regarded as its own entity, separate from its predecessor. Poesie, much like its Greek-derived root, poiēsis, captures the poetic art and creativity of a talented pool of artists you may not necessarily have heard of… yet.

While we have come to know earth, wind, fire, and water as our everyday essentials, the elements that make up Poesie Musik’s core are melodies, rhythms, grooves, and most importantly, soul. As they embark on a new journey, and release a special remix package of Jay Haze’s now-classic “Soul in a Bottle” today, we caught up with label head Roland Leesker to discuss the excitement of being a new imprint, his philosophies on club music, and who in the industry is in need of some soul.

Poesie Musik was created in order to create a platform for the discovery of a whole new generation of producers and DJs who are far away from most of today’s electronic music scene.

Poesie Musik has its own musical strategy and direction. It will have a smaller output with a different look and feel. Poesie Musik also intends to have a wide musical spectrum. For example, Martin Roth remixing Nils Hoffmann’s underground hit “Balloons” is something completely different to Wankelmut turning the 2006 Jay Haze classic “Soul in a Bottle” into a dark techno groover.

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Wankelmut & Emma Louise My Head Is A Jungle  Part 2

Wankelmut & Emma Louise

My Head Is A Jungle Part 2

VÖ-Datum: 14.03.2013
Label: poesie music / get physical music
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • House
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.