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plastic rules



Plastic Rules Music represents the Italian Techno label based in Naples, founded by Tony Matt in 2008.

With the past of the years, Tony Matt has learned all that he knows about the music scene, due to the gigs and his 5 years owning his Dj Record Shop. The next step in his career was producing. With the experience of the last years and the strong decision of improve in the production area, Tony released his first work in 2001 under the alias Body Talk.

Tony Matt is one of the most respected artists from the Italian electronic scene. Born in the beautiful city of Napoli in 1975, Tony is not a newcomer in the music scene. Djing since 1993, with more than 15 years of professional career, Tony has developed his career playing, producing, managing his own record shop and, since a few years, his own labels.

Plastic Rules is a Naples based label that offers underground quality techno music in the nightclub scene, selecting the best and hot artists at the moment. Plastic style will go from melodic techno to minimal house untill electro influences searching to create a unique style that will give a cool impulse to the electronic platform!

Plastic Rules has developed since its inception a rich artists roster which includes acts like: Glitches, Sascha Carassum Someone Else, Martin Woerner, Felix Bernhardt, Gery Otis, Specker, Don Ruijigrok, Raffaele Rizzi, amongst several others.