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plant music



Plant Music was founded by Dominique Keegan in New York as a 12” label that quickly developed into a party promotions company and later into Plant Bar, a small, Lower East Side club that was infamous for great sound, DJs and good times. The bar was shut down by the city on 2003 for ‘dancing violations’ and that is when the focus of Plant became the label. To much acclaim and credit, Plant released the heavily publicized and influential “Sound of Young New York” indie dance compilation series in 2004. New York club and radio DJ Stretch Armstrong realized the potential for Plant Music, and partnered with Dominique to take the label to the next level though widening the scope of the label’s sound and increasing its profile.

Plant has a constantly expanding roster of talent, each making their own brand of club music. Plant does not stick to one sound, but attempts to release fantastic rhythmic pop music, always with an eye on New York.

Plant Music releases have been charted by ian pooley, Brendon Moeller and 57 other DJs.

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