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Pimprinella is the new imprint of Marcel Sterling aka Marc DePulse. Sharing some heartbeats and emotions, we go forward to tech-house the new year! 001 primetime pussy release! includes 2 remixes of Patrick Lindsey and Hanne & Lore. Shout it out loud! Nowadays its hard to find an artist with his own unique musical script. The Leipzig based DJ & producer Marc DePulse is one of these rare artists, who found his roots in the early childhood while taking lessons in accordeon, later finishing his A Ė Levels in music and joining the school choir for about 7 years.

Going step to step Marc is now taking off into the next generation. With his debut single on Kiddaz.FM Records and the next outputs on Ostwind Records, Bondage Music and BluFin Rec. he shows a huge sound spectrum combined in several expressions of minimal electronic music - always being up to date with the dancefloor.

Starting with the accordion at age 10, then a member of the choir in Leipzig, Marcel moved onto create computer-based music in 1999 on his computer. He started with a very basic setup, moving up to the Impulse Tracker and on. In 2002, with a more professional setup, he created the alias Marc DePulse, culled from his own first name and the Impulse Tracker. Synergica Records got ahold of Marcel in 2003, and he got his first remix released.

Pimprinella Records is the home for several artists such as: Marcel Sterling, Oliver Schleenvoigt, Stereo Express, Sud Bencer, Rico Puestel, and many others.

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Rico Puestel Volute / Cotillo

Rico Puestel

Volute / Cotillo

VÖ-Datum: 20.12.2013
Label: pimprinella
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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.